Comment:  Mr. Sleazy of the ADL pictured below.

Elon Musk put some dumbass girl boss cunt in charge of Twitter or “X” as he calls it. The bitch just met with Jonathan Greenblatt the virulent Jewish head of the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL is of course a Jewish terrorist organization that openly hates anybody with European racial heritage.


They discussed what it would take to remove “hate” from the site. Well, the first thing they could do is ban the ADL from posting on it. Once that is done, you could ban every single Jew from posting on the site. If you do that, I guarantee you that “hate” would drop substantially because the most hateful racial group to ever exist would no longer be able to spread their brand of hatred on the site.

But no, this bitch actually thinks this Greenblatt rat is a good person when he is actually a demonic terrorist and liar. The retard Jew pushes this notion that six million Jews were jacked off to death in fake shower rooms during World War II. Nobody believes that stupid fairy tale.

Twitter is not a free speech site and the fact that they are talking to the ADL about policy is just more proof that it is heading in the wrong direction. Musk’s promises have been empty ones. He has kept a number of people banned despite claiming that he would unban everyone and provide a blanket amnesty. So much for free speech absolutism.