Majorie Taylor Green, British Asset, Pretending to be on Your Side

MTG Says the Rise of BRICS Threatens America-It Does NOT!



I have many issues with MTG. Namely that she is a divorced feminist who has sold her soul to Jews. That’s why I constantly troll her retarded Gab feeds. Either way, she is right about the rise of the BRICS bloc and how it threatens the stability of the American ZOG empire. Comment:  British Empire is a name for the same.


As BRICS gains momentum, the US economy becomes weaker because the members of the grouping can circumvent American sanctions and trade in their own currencies, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Thursday.

Speaking to her constituents in Georgia, the Republican congresswoman lashed out at the administration of US President Joe Biden, which she said is turning a blind eye to the rise of BRICS – an economic group which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa and accounts for more than a quarter of global GDP.

The Republican firebrand claimed that while Washington is “doing… nonsense” – including providing all kinds of support to Ukraine which is locked in a conflict with Russia – “there are other countries in the world, powerful countries, organizing together because they are tired of the United States.”

In this sense, the BRICS countries are making serious trade agreements “where they are saying: we’ll buy from you, you’ll buy from us, we don’t care about US sanctions and we’ll sell to one another, buy and sell in our own currency, not the US dollar,” she stated.

The BRICS bloc is absolutely a major threat to the old international Jewish financial order of which the United States is centered around. Countries around the world are clamoring to join it. They just accepted several new members including Saudi Arabia.

Comment:  I prefer the U.S. to JOIN the BRICS and dump the British Empire.  The British Empire is collapsing and wants the U.S. to collapse to save the Empire Banksters.  I prefer prosperity to starvation.  Trumps Agenda 47 is a prosperity Agenda and I have no doubt he would join the BRICS.  We would all be more prosperous than ever before while the British Empire can collapse into oblivion for all I care.


Where I differ with MTG is her belief that something should be done to stop the rising BRICS bloc. I personally would prefer that the Jews in the Biden regime do nothing about it. I hope they are so preoccupied with all their stupid Jew wars and retarded hoax agendas that it becomes increasingly powerful.

There is very little chance that this country can be saved simply through a future election. There’s too many systemic problems that have been caused by Jewish policies. The best thing we can hope for now is that external forces like what we see with BRICS result in this system collapsing like the Soviet Union did in the early 1990s.


Putin Says De-Dollarization is Gaining Momentum


The world continues to move away from the US Dollar. Vladimir Putin mentioned this fact at the BRICS Summit as he encouraged countries to settle trade in their own national currencies.



The US dollar is losing its global role in an “objective and irreversible” process, Russian President Vladimir Putin told participants at the BRICS summit in South Africa on Tuesday. Vladimir Putin spoke via video link, after choosing not to attend the event in person.

De-dollarization is “gaining momentum” Putin declared, adding that members of the group of major emerging economies are seeking to reduce their reliance on the greenback in mutual transactions.

The Russian leader claimed the five BRICS members – Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa – are becoming the new world economic leaders, adding that their cumulative share of global GDP has reached 26%.

He noted that if measured by purchasing power parity, BRICS has already surpassed the Group of Seven leading industrialised nations – accounting for 31% of the global economy, compared to 30% for the G7.

Over the past 10 years, mutual investment between the BRICS member states has increased by six times. Their total investments in the world economy have doubled, while cumulative exports account for 20% of the global total, Putin said.

The US Dollar won’t disappear overnight, but as Putin mentioned, it is in serious decline. The virus hoax and all the economic sanctions the ZOG people put on Russia have dealt serious damage to the world’s reserve currency. These decisions are going to ensure that the US Dollar is not the world’s reserve currency for much longer.

The US Dollar is backed largely the threat of force via the US military. The US military has shown that it is weak with the fiasco in Afghanistan and now the failure in the Ukraine. US and Western military equipment has also proven itself to be inferior to Russian military equipment. The end result is that the world no longer fears American military power.

It is possible that we might see the BRICS countries form some sort of new currency backed by gold or other asset/resource classes to challenge the US Dollar. If/when that happens, it will be very difficult for the US Dollar to sustain its reserve status.

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