Social Security Entitlements Are a Target to Cut By Congress But Not War Spending Nor Cuts to Retirement Pay & Benefits to Congress

Comment:  Seems U.S Gov’t Only works for Billionaires and Crooked Politicians.  BTW Hardly any of them pay taxes.  Billionaires ALL LIKE SLAVE LABOR and Use Monarch/Mind Controlled Slaves Created by the CIA.


Prince Andrew’s Alleged Sex Slave, Virginia Roberts, Writing Book About Him and Palm Beach Billionaire

Virginia Roberts, the sex slave Palm Beach financier Jeffrey Epstein “loaned” out to billionaires and, allegedly, to Prince Andrew when she was underaged, is writing a tell-all book that promises to present undeniable evidence of the Duke of York’s involvement.

In December, a lawsuit was filed saying that Roberts — who is identified in the documents as Jane Doe #3 — was 15 years old when Epstein met her and began receiving massages that eventually turned into sexual favors. Epstein, the motion says, made Roberts his sex slave between 1999 and 2002.

According to the lawsuit, Epstein began loaning her out to billionaires, world leaders, an unnamed prime minister, and law professor Alan Dershowitz. Epstein also introduced Roberts to Prince Andrew, telling her to give the Duke whatever he wanted. The lawsuit claims Prince Andrew had sex with Roberts when she was 17 in London, New York, and the Virgin Islands.

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Now, according to a report in the Daily Mail, Roberts is writing a book about her ordeal where she will name names (including that unnamed prime minister) of the men Epstein forced her to have sex with when she was just a teen.

The book promises to give more information than is found in the lawsuit and, according to the report, will present forensic evidence to support Roberts’ claims.

Prince Andrew is denying the accusations, but the news is already making headlines all over the U.K. this week.

According to the Daily Mail, Roberts is now living in Florida with her three children and husband, Robert. She claims she met the Duke at the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced former media tycoon Robert Maxwell.

Roberts was reportedly flown to meet Prince Andrew and paid $15,000. Roberts then allegedly had sex with the Duke of York at an orgy with other underaged girls held on Epstein’s private Caribbean island. They also had sex in a private home in London as well as in Epstein’s New York mansion.

Prince Andrew is claiming that the accusations are false:


The prince — who looked sombre as he left his luxury £22,000-a-week Swiss ski chalet yesterday — is today expected to meet with his most senior aides and lawyers in his mansion close to Windsor Castle.

It is also understood he will reassure his mother at the earliest possible opportunity that the claims he faces are false.


Epstein and Andrew met in Palm Beach in the 1990s and began a decades-long friendship that included Epstein’s visiting the royal family’s country retreat and Andrew’s Scottish estate.

Epstein was eventually sentenced to 18 months in prison for soliciting sex with an underaged girl in 2008. Andrew and Epstein remained friends, even after the Palm Beach billionaire served 13 months of that sentence before being released.

In a separate report, Andrew’s ex-wife, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, was once given £15,000 by Epstein to pay off some debt. Fergie took Epstein’s loan in 2010.

The Daily Mail also repots that Epstein reportedly had a black book with a list of names big name celebrities inside. According to court documents, some of the names include Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, and Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, and daughter Ivanka.

There is also a series of women’s names listed under “massage” in the contact book filed under “The Holy Grail.”

The celebrity names in the book are recorded in court documents, but it’s being reported merely as juicy gossip. There is no suggestion that any of the celebrities had anything to do with Epstein’s shady life, or the Prince Albert sex scandal. Only that Epstein apparently hob-nobbed with A-list people before it all came crumbling down for him.






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