Military Officers Are Used in Severe Torture & Mind Control Programming of CIA SLAVES

Two of the most ruthless programmers on the West coast are Jerry Lee Lewis and Michael Aquino. These two men are as cold blooded as they come, ranking right beside Mengele in their ability to torture. Michael Aquino (DOB 10/16/46, 2430 Leavenworth St., San Francisco, plus other addresses), because he was in military intelligence, was in a position to pass on his diabolical programming abilities to dozens of military officers. His wife works with him, and her name is Lilith Sinclair (DOB 4/21/42). Michael Aquino has travelled all over the U.S. doing programming. Michael Aquino used Cathy O’Brien as the star victim in his training video which teaches military officers how to create Monarch mind-controlled slaves.

From this link:

Comment:  These horribly victimized SLAVES are Raped, Tortured, Buried Alive, Murdered, Sent on Missions Where They are Sure to Be Shot or Hacked to Death, etc.  Nothing is too evil for these Military Satanists to do nor the Satanic CIA to do.  Most of the Rape & Sex Tortures Begin in CHILDHOOD!  Think of the Balenciaga Ad which only HINTS at this.  The real deal is so much worse.  Don’t close your eyes to these atrocities.  Be an Activist.  The Secret Society Programmers, Slave Handlers, etc. are ALL HARD CORE CRIMINALS just like Ghislaine Maxwell is.

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