The assorted scum at the G20 summit are trying to advance the concept of vaccine passports for international travel. So basically you’d have to be injected with whatever the assholes at the World Health Organization dictate in order to cross international borders.




These people are going to have a real hard time implementing all of their dystopic fantasies considering the dire shape the West is in. The fact that they are continuing to push this insanity just shows how disconnected from reality they are.

Their best shot to get this vaccine passport garbage implemented was during the COVID-19 hysteria. This failed so they moved on to their war project in the Ukraine which is also failing. They’re going to have a very difficult time bringing it back considering everything that’s come out on the deadly COVID-19 injections.

These people are just constantly turning chicken salad into chicken shit. They’re objectively not good at implementing their evil schemes even though they have ultimate power.