US Military Goes Operation Warpspeed Into Ignominity

US Military Aircraft Crashes into Mediterranean Sea


The United States military is not the military it was back in the 1990s. Hell, it isn’t even the same military it was a decade ago. We see increasing levels of incompetence and dysfunction everywhere.

Here’s another example.



It is going to be a bit hard for the US to do wars for Jews and Israel if their expensive aircraft is crashing into the seas like this.

The Jews decided they wanted to feminize and diversify the US military and this is the end result of that. It’s only going to get worse from here.

US Military Osprey Helicopter Crashes Off Coast of Japan


The United States military is continuing to show increasing levels of incompetence. We keep seeing all sorts of weird crashes and other mishaps during routine non-war related missions.

This Osprey helicopter crash near Japan is just another example of this.



It is only going to get worse. The Jews wanted to elevate gay niggers, feminist cunts and trannies into positions of power because of diversity agendas while alienating the most competent people. This is just the end result of all that.

All that aside, I’ve been told by Jews that we need gay niggers to win all these Jewish wars, so maybe the Jews know something I do not.

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