Who Controls American Politicians?


Although I agree that the Jewish Crime Syndicate controls politics and media, medicine and law I do believe that if Mr. Shiva had not agreed to the Jewish Cabal’s terms he would never be allowed to run for President.  The Cabal holds compromising videos on all Politicians thru the CIA.  Basically our Presidents work for the Jewish Mafia’s CIA or like Trump they are taken out by a coup or assassinated as JFK was.  The CIA works with the Israeli MOSSAD.  The Mossad was involved in the JFK assassination.  Now why are we giving BILLIONS to Israel when they were involved in the JFK assassination and attack on the Liberty Spy Ship and Terrorist attack 9/11?  Why is the U.S. Gov’t aligned with the Israeli Terrorists?  Because the Cabal Demands it.  The U.S. is the military arm of the Cabal aka British Empire.

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