The marginalized person of color who smashed up a McDonald’s with an axe has been released without bail.


Here’s the clip if you didn’t see it earlier. It’s some crazy shit. He was threatening all sorts of violence against people.



I don’t think anybody is remotely surprised that he was let out without bail. It’s actually somewhat shocking that he was even arrested at all.

There is basically a total breakdown of law and order in American cities. These blacks are allowed to do all sorts of violence, destroy property etc.. and hardly anything happens to them. Meanwhile you see WHITE people getting the book thrown at them over trivial infractions.

Society is becoming more and more unglued. You should avoid the cities as much as possible and if you have to be in one of these dangerous cities you should carry some sort of security. Whatever the law allegedly is should be of no concern to you. I mean, it was technically illegal for this axe-wielding black lunatic to do what he did and he’s still free.

There is no law any more. The only law that exists in these places is the law of the jungle.