Kim Foxx the Poster D.A. For Rapists and Murderers Having ALL the Rights (George Soros-Satanist Funded Non-Prosecutor)

Kim Foxx’s dismissed over 25,000 felony cases

19 hours agoCook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx has dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases – including many involving charges of murder and other serious crimes – in her first three years on the job, a new report shows.21 hours ago
Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx dismissed over 25k felony cases

Comment: Dreamt country was in anarchy and Vigilante mobs had taken over. There were dead bodies on every lawn; the bodies were of rapists & murderers that our politicians were letting loose on their constituents. The constituents had had enough with no police protection they had taken the law into their own hands and there was no one to stop them.

Actually I think this might be a good thing b/c it would make a safer society.

The NON prosecutor Kim Foxx is actually being paid to do nothing. Working for the Satanic Cabal. It should be clear.

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