West Sending Guns to Ukrainian PM Zelensky Who Gives Guns to Violent Criminals Who Rape & Murder Ukrainians For PHOTO OPS; Is It Clear Yet a Crime Syndicate Runs America & Other Countries? (CIA) CIA runs their operations out of Embassies and they fund Non Government Organizations (NGOs) to foment Insurrection & Chaos. The CIA is Completely Criminal especially in their Mind Control Criminal Projects and their MKUltra Manufactured Killer Project. Totally CRIMINAL.


More Independent Information: Ukraine Has Become ADRENOCHROME CENTRAL (15 Minutes to 16 Minutes of HOUR 2) which is a horrific adrenochrome extraction program which involved TORTURING CHILDREN. Our CIA is heavily involved in this and the Coup run on Ukraine’s Elected PM in 2014 where he fled for his life out of his own country.

Listen to John Kaminski and Ingri Cassel’s 02-25-2022 RBN Intel Report radio show

02-25-2022: Hour 1: http://allthatstreaming.com/media/ats/audio/rbn-02-25-2022-hosted-by-john-kaminski-and-ingri-cassel-hour-1.mp3

02-25-2022: Hour 2:http://allthatstreaming.com/media/ats/audio/rbn-02-25-2022-hosted-by-john-kaminski-and-ingri-cassel-hour-2.mp3

Comment: ADRENOCHROME EXTRACTION mentioned in Hour 2 above.

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