Comment: Our Illuminati ELITE Are ALL SATANISTS and the Politicians They Fund are ALL PEDOPHILES as are the MEDIA ELITE they fund.

Bill Gates and Satanism

Did John D. Rockefeller purposely build his dwelling on Jekyll Island over a sacrificial altar from a previous civilization?   Yes. I can answer it. Unfortunately, the answer to that is yes, that’s what many of the ultra-wealthy do to gain great power, they will spill blood for money, power and fame by making a deal with the devil.  So the answer was yes, he actually did purposely do it. He sold his soul. It’s sick, blood sacrifices and black magic. Hard to believe? It’s true.

This Satanist John D. Rockefeller funded our Communist Educational System and this book The Leipzig Connection spells it out:

The Leipzig Connection (Basics in Education) Paperback – January 1, 1993

by Paolo Lioni (Author)

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In the shadows of the Bismarck’s totalitarian Germany in 1875, a little-known medical researcher laid the groundwork for a subject that in modern times was to bring American education to its knees–behavioral psychology. A latter-day disciple, B. F. Skinner, later wrote the book “Beyond Freedom and Dignity,” arguing that such ancient conceptions as these are luxuries our brave new world can no longer afford. Another ardent follower–John Dewey, the “Father of American education”–took the new radical German redefinition of education to mean the reprograming of young brains and nervous systems, and applied it to his self-appointed task of creating in America the ideal socialist state. John D. Rockefeller, for purposes of his own, bankrolled what was in effect a hostile take-over of our educational establishment. “The Leipzig Connection” is a startling account of how and why these things came about. It lays out in concise detail the story of the development of the educational malaise which we have unknowingly dropped our children into, explaining not only declining SAT scores and the phenomenon of high school graduates who are barely literate, but also symptoms even more sinister: violence, prostitution and drug dealing in the schools, the self-mutilation of tattooing and body piercing, and teenage suicide.


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