Degenerate KINSEY and the CIA Using His Sexual Abuse/Violence Studies With MKUltra Funded by Rockefellers Just Like They Funded MKUltra!

Exposing Sick Roots of “Sex Ed” – Kinsey, CIA & Child Abuse

In this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, Liberty University Professor Dr. Judith Reisman drops a bombshell: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in supporting “research” by pervert Alfred Kinsey involving massive amounts of child abuse. This criminal pseudo-science, also sponsored by the Rockefeller foundations, was the pretext needed to begin changing American laws and culture on marriage, rape, family, and more, explains Reisman, who wrote several books on Kinsey and pornography. Kinsey’s research involving rape and sexual abuse of children also served as the foundation for sexualizing young students in public schools with grotesque “sex education” programs that groom children for sexual exploitation and abuse.

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The Rockefellers were pals with the Dulles Brothers. OSS and MI6 had their headquarters in Rockefeller Plaza. There the Rockefellers ran Radio City.

Don’t forget:  the Rockefellers are behind the UN, and they are behind the CIA.

CIA’s JAZZ AMBASSADORS – Fighting Monarch

Who were the Dulles brothers?From 1937 on, the Dulles brothers would serve Bush and Harriman in all their covert dealings with Nazi firms. They also performed similar cloaking services for others, like the Rockefellers.

Allen Dulles, the Nazis, and the CIA – The

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