Ron Paul: No One Should Be Surprised That a Gov’t Who Kills For Profit is Full of RAPISTS!!!

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Ron Paul: No One Should Be Surprised That a Gov’t Who Kills for Profit is Full of Rapists

Posted: 28 Dec 2017 12:00 AM PST

In a weekly column, put out on Christmas day, Ron Paul delivered a scathing report on how political immorality is the norm and not the exception.

Given the recent revelations over the millions spent in taxpayer dollars to silence the sexual abuse victims of federal politicians, Ron Paul noted that Americans shouldn’t be surprised those who spend their lives at your expense defending immoral wars and engaging in horrifying abuse would also engage in immoral personal conduct.

It is only natural that an immoral system, like the welfare-warfare state, tends to attract individuals likely to practice personal immorality,” wrote Paul.

Going further to blow the lid off of the cesspool that is DC, Paul explained how the welfare-warfare state is built on a foundation of theft and corruption.

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Alan Watts Believed Society’s Idea of Work is Completely Wrong

Posted: 27 Dec 2017 10:00 PM PST

Few people have communicated difficult ideas with as much clarity as Alan Watts.

He is known today for the work he did to popularize Zen concepts in the west. Through his books and his recorded lectures, he touched on almost every major contradiction in life.

His signature teaching  —  and he applied it to almost every part of existence  —  was that there is no end or destination. Watts knew that the point was ultimately to be where you are and experience things as they are here and now rather than in some romanticized past or future.

He continually stressed how little understanding we actually have of reality and its contents, and he was often careful not to make things more complicated than they needed to be.

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Hillary ‘Regularly’ Attended Witch’s Church, Clinton Insider Claims

Posted: 27 Dec 2017 08:00 PM PST

Following shocking news that Clinton campaign chair John Podesta participates in weird occult rituals involving semen, breast milk and menstrual blood, it’s important to revisit information relayed by Clinton insider Larry Nichols last year in which he claimed Hillary regularly attended witch gatherings during Bill’s presidency.

In a mini-documentary shot exclusively by Infowars dubbed “The New Clinton Chronicles,” Nichols commented on Hillary’s fascination and participation with the Satanic occult.

Nichols recounted to Infowars last year a conversation he had with Bill Clinton, who told him Hillary was part of a witch’s coven that met in California.

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The 5 Cartels that Rule America and the World

Posted: 27 Dec 2017 06:00 PM PST

Americans have been programmed to fight amongst themselves along partisan political lines, always pointing the finger at the other side of the phony left-right paradigm.

Divide and conquer is the broad tactic being used to keep people from recognizing, focusing on, and targeting the truly diabolical agents in our world who hold real power over all of us at once.

We are not ruled by Republicans or Democrats, but rather by the not-so-hidden hands of institutions which have consolidated a tremendous amount of power.

Our world is deeply colored by these cartels, and they impact every area of our lives, constantly maneuvering to make more and more dependent on them for our needs.

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