Satanic Pentagon Planned to Wipe Every Living Russian Off the Map While We Were Pretending to Be ALLIES! No One Trusts the U.S.; To the World We Are Uncle SATAN Run By Incredibly Evil Satanists!

Comment: The British Monarchy pictures are missing on the cover of this book but since it is Treason in U.K. punishable by DEATH I understand why the British author left the Royal’s pictures off the cover of Synagogue of Satan; he is not ready to be executed. Ultimately these people control the foreign policy of the United States via their owned CIA, Trilateral Commission (Secret Society), Council of Foreign Relations (Secret Society) , Bilderberg (Secret Society) and a vast web of (Secret Society) Freemasons in every city, village and country town of the USA! Their control is Absolute and the Brainwashing of the American people is Irrefutable. Synagogue of Satan controls our Satanic Pentagon, CIA, FBI and ALL Alphabet Agencies, Congress & Presidents.

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