The Crime Syndicate Running the United States & Almost ALL of the World is Losing & Getting Scared-You Are the Leader of This Massive Change-The Crime Syndicate is Satanic-They WANT WW3 B/T Christian U.S. & Christian Russia!

Missing are the British Monarchy as they are a part of this Cabal but it is written by a British Man and to write negatively About British Royals is TREASON punishable by Death.
May be an image of text that says 'The only way not to lose a rigged game is not to play. When the ruling classes exempt themselves from the 'Laws' they expect us to live by, there is tyranny. The political, financial and military complexes have become one interwoven system of corporate fascism based on lies and deceit. It is more vulnerable than people think, as it requires our continued co-operation for it to maintain its illusion of legitimacy. When we choose to stop playing the game we dissolve the facade of presumed authority over us. Το destroy a lie, live the truth.'
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