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CNN Brings on Fat Jewess Bari Weiss as Fake Opposition

By infostormer -October 19, 20210

The Jewish-run network of CNN has started to bring on the former Jewish New York Times writer Bari Weiss. She previously quit the NYT complaining that it was too “woke” in an effort to brand herself as some type of centrist figure.

She was on Brian Stelter’s show talking about how the Wuhan lab leak theory and the Hunter Biden laptop story shouldn’t have been suppressed by the media.

These are not unreasonable positions but the issues she is focusing in on are at this juncture not very substantive or important. She is being brought on to only talk about safe issues that are not particularly damaging to Jews or all these evil agendas that are being pushed.

Not only is Weiss Jewish but she is a big supporter of Israel and the Zionist project as a whole. She was on Joe Rogan’s show a few years back and made it clear that she was a huge supporter of Israel. She also trashed Tulsi Gabbard for her anti-war position on Syria.

Below are a few clips from her appearance where she gets into these topics.

The appearance revealed that she is not a very smart person. Jimmy Dore tore her to shreds even joking that the appearance was her MSNBC audition tape.

Weiss is just another Jew defending world Jewry and international Zionism. CNN probably figures they can regain credibility by bringing on Weiss to act as some sort of “reasonable” voice that isn’t full on “woke.” I do not believe this strategy is going to be successful. Too many people already know what her deal is.

The right-wingers who are saying that they can’t believe that CNN brought someone speaking truths, simply don’t understand the Jewish angle to all this. It’s all theatrics.

The fact that Sean Hannity is giving credibility to this Jewish skank says it all.

Comment: My gut feeling on this woman is that she is a NEUROTIC bitch. She wants the U.S. to fight wars FOR ISRAEL while Israel exempts its own people from fighting these wars. What kind of hypocritical bullshit IS this? I think Israel denies the Humanity of Palestinians and ANYONE who wants to FIGHT WARS For Israel is in essence doing the same. I think she’s a cunning manipulator and dangerous influencer. It’s NONE of our business what or how leaders in other countries address gay rights and/or women’s rights and she mixes them. When does ANYONE fight for CHILDREN’S rights???? Well for these people children don’t seem to HAVE ANY RIGHTS! Does she mention that child abuse is 40 Times higher in the homosexual community? Isn’t THIS important? PICTURED BELOW ARE THE ZIONISTS WHO CREATED & SUPPORT ISRAEL. SHE HAS A NEUROTIC OBSESSION WITH ZIONISM AND A GREATER ISRAEL. JOE ROGAN TOES THE LINE ACTING LIKE ANTI-SEMITISM AROUND THE WORLD IS BIAS AND PREJUDICE. PUTTING IT AS IT IS MANY ROTHSCHILD’S ZIONISTS ARE SATANISTS WHICH INVOLVES MURDERING KIDNAPPED CHILDREN. THE ROCKEFELLERS ARE ONE AND THE SAME AND SO ARE THE ZIONIST BRITISH ROYALS. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ARE KIDNAPPED AND MURDERED? YOU AREN’T GOING TO BE PREJUDICED AGAINST THE ROTHSCHILD/ROCKEFELLER/BRITISH EMPIRE THAT KIDNAPPED & DESTROYED YOUR CHILD? THIS IS PREJUDICE???? I BEG TO DIFFER.

neurotic[n(y)o͝oˈrädik]ADJECTIVEmedicinehaving, causing or relating to neurosis.synonyms:mentally ill · mentally disturbed · mentally deranged · unstable · unbalanced · maladjusted · psychoneurotic · psychopathic · phobic


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