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Comment: Around 18-20 minutes the MKUltra Ewen Cameron found he could wipe memories and then reconstruct memories more to his liking. This is a KEY GOAL of MKUltra: Wiping memories. Also another KEY GOAL is shattering the mind to create ALTERS.

Kevin Annett Interview – Royal & Vatican Occult Sacrifices

Vatican and the Jesuit Pope Run the C.I.A.

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Vatican and the Jesuit Pope Run the C.I.A.

In an astonishing admission by the Roman Catholic Church they run the CIA did you
know the CIA is also dubbed Catholic intelligence agency Catholics in action
is the CIA truly American for decades Jesuit affiliates of the Roman Catholic
Church have directed the CIA Leon Panetta and John Brennan the current
director are Jesuit trained are Jesuits today the same as Jesuits of the past.
Are you familiar with the Jesuit oath its devious plans to control the wealth
of the nation’s enslave the masses and depopulate the world Pope Francis is a
Jesuit should we be alarmed that the institution the Pope heads also controls
the CIA the CIA’s mission is to identify and destroy terrorists and fundamentalists Pope Francis likewise
and defines them as those who believe in absolute truth endtime prophecies of
Daniel and the revelation refused to yield their Liberty of conscience and give up constitutional rights the
insidious agenda of the Jesuits will soon be realized as Pope Francis has been hailed Lord of the world and savior
of the earth.
The Jesuit Oath: 
” I furthermore promise and declare that I
will when opportunity presents make and
wage relentless war secretly or openly
against all heretics I will hang waste
oil play strangle and rip up the
stomachs and wombs of their women in
order to annihilate forever their
terrible race.”

Catholic Herald which is a news publication for the Roman Catholic
Church gives us a new and interesting way to look at the CIA or the Central
Intelligence Agency by professing right in the very front page of this Catholic
Herald News it states that the Catholic Church thrives in the CIA the headlines
read why Catholics thrive in the CIA the agency has been dubbed and I quote
Catholics in action and quote because the faithful have occupied so many
senior positions this ladies and gentlemen is a plain easy giveaway and
it should not take a rocket scientist for anyone with great qualifications to
understand that their Roman Jesuits or should I say the Vatican is the one that
runs the Central Intelligence Agency make some very interesting notes here
make note that the CIA thrives in the United States of America it has the seal
of the United States and the symbol of the United States right on it the logo is
right there secondly make note that Jesuit Order thrives primarily at the Vatican however
what you need to understand is that the Jesuit Order is a secret police for the
Vatican and what they have done is they have successfully infiltrated every
other governmental structure in the world today but they will disguise
themselves as Roman Catholics and that is because they are Roman Catholics just
as you have Joe Biden he is the first Roman Catholic Jesuit vice president of the
United States of America and we also have the very first
Jesuit Roman Catholic leader Pope Francis in case you missed it let
me go back and repeat myself again so you will understand exactly
what I’m telling you these Jesuits though they infiltrate other
governmental structures they simply will they will tell you that they are simply
Roman Catholics their allegiance belongs the Pope these so-called Roman
Catholics they are Jesuits especially the ones who are in political structures
or in judicial positions of power the United States.America is run by Jesuits they used the
order of the Masons and scapegoats the majority of people the minute they hear
the words Freemason they automatically think the most evil secret society but
when they hear Jesuits they think of Pope Francis as a Jesuit he’s a good
person he’s a Roman Catholic I think the Jesuits are connected to the
Roman Catholics they have hospitals and schools and many other good institutions
so they’re not that bad but that’s how they operate they operate
in a very subtle way the evidence for this is that we see a reflection between
America and the Vatican the United States Capitol is designed to resemble
the Vatican the obelisk in the United States of America also is a direct
reflection of the obelisk of Rome and the Vatican the symbols of Sun worship
within the Freemasons and within the Jesuit Order it’s all the exact same
going back to the CIA when we look at the symbol of the CIA the United States.

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