Cabal Owned Politician Shills For Deadly Vaccine

Trump Booed for Shilling Deadly Vaxx

By infostormer -August 22, 20210

Donald Trump was booed at his own rally in Alabama for shilling the deadly vaxx.

When the Synagogue of Satan Mob Have Compromising Pictures/Videos of Politicians With Minors These Politicians will do as Ordered!

The full rally is available on Rumble and Bitchute.

I have no idea why he keeps touting these death shots. Maybe he is being threatened with prison if he doesn’t do it. Or maybe he took the vaxx and the vaxx is destroying his ability to think clearly.

He should be distancing himself from the vaxx instead of trying to take credit for the rollout of the vaxx. His supporters are almost entirely against the vaxx agenda so there is zero political benefit in promoting it.

These shots that people are being coerced into taking are literally killing people and causing major health problems for folks.

On top of that, the media is admitting that these shots have been totally ineffective.

Last year when he was looking for a way out of the crisis, I could at least understand why he would support any and all options to put an end to it. But at this point, there is zero reason to be shilling any of these doom shots.

The 2015 Trump is a completely different person than the 2021 Trump. His continued shilling of these death shots is simply unforgivable. Comment: Mr. Infostormer….Trump is compromised and has clearly been threatened on his original no vaccine position. The ZIONIST/British Empire/Fake Jew Mafia have Drumpf/Trump in their back pockets. He only has as much freedom as the Mafia allows him to have. They have compromising pictures/videos on Trump otherwise he would not even be allowed to run for President.

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