NBA Player Offered Money to Promote Vaccines

Former NBA Player Was Offered Money to Promote Lockdowns

By infostormer -August 22, 20210

Former NBA player Andrew Bogut has said that he was offered and declined money to promote the virus lockdowns. He further added that all sorts of celebrities, social media influencers and other prominent people were paid to promote the insanity.

Libs of Tik Tok@libsoftiktok·Round pushpinAustralia: “They’re getting paid for that shit” – Former NBA star Andrew Bogut says influencers and celebrities were offered money to promote lockdowns. Athletes were also told they can’t make any anti-lockdown or anti-government statements.

This was pretty much a given, but to see somebody with first hand knowledge expose it is something else entirely.

He also added that Australian athletes have had their careers threatened if they speak out against the virus lockdowns.

All the people who have gone along with the virus hoax and lockdown agenda have sold their souls to the devil. That especially includes all of these influencers that took money to promote it. They definitely will burn in hell for what they have done.

Pro Vaccine Celebrity SELLOUTS:

Paid to Push Vaccine Propaganda:

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