This Woman is ALL For a Two-Tiered System: Vaccinated=Haves & Unvaccinated=Have Nots!

Jew Jen Rubin Wants Unvaccinated Banned From Everything

By infostormer -April 24, 20216

Jennifer Rubin who is a Jewish kike and a very ugly cunt bitch, wants people who don’t take the experimental coronavirus shots to be banned from every facet of public life.

She’s literally saying that people who refuse the shot should be banned from obtaining work. Isn’t this like some sort of human rights violation or whatever? I mean, Jews love spouting gibberish about human rights, but I guess they don’t consider us human so maybe Rubin doesn’t think that term applies to us.

But I got a better idea, instead of banning the unvaccinated from public life, let’s ban all kikes from public life and kick them out of America. We’d be much better off because of all the evil and fucked up ideas these Jews come up with. All they want to do is harm and hurt us.

This also begs another question, why are Jews like Rubin so interested in people getting these shots because of a virus that over 99.99 percent of people survive? She’s obviously very interested in pushing this agenda otherwise she wouldn’t be calling for such extreme measures.

What is the exact goal here with all of this? Does anybody even know? Whatever it is, it can’t be good considering the track record of kikes like Rubin pushing lies and disinformation on the American public.

Comment: Our ZIONIST owned media controlled by Rothschild ZIONISTS and their buddy Zionist Rupert Murdoch pushes VACCINES.

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