Greed & Violence Are Good Say Globalists Who Profit Off of Both

As taxpayers, we are told to “Support the Troops!” when we know the troops we support are trained killers. We support wars they fight that have murdered millions of men, women and children and occupied lands that don’t belong to us. We have raped, pillaged and bombed countless countries into rubble while we watch TV and listen to the lying justification
by the controlled media monopolies.

Comment: Our media is run by these ZIONIST Crime Syndicates that control our gov’t. Get it? Rupert Murdock controls 96% of our media and is partners with Rothschild’s and use the media to advocate for war in Syria so they as business partners & partners in crime can steal Syria’s Oil!

Comment: The Great Satan aka the United States has caused 30 Million Deaths around the world and 69 Million to be HOMELESS. CIA working for the Black Nobility/Satanists/British Empire/Illuminutti’s/Organized Crime Syndicate Controls U.S. Foreign Policy and What is Put in News as Well as Hellywood’s anti-Humanitarians who have blood on their hands supporting foreign occupations and wars. Sluts for the elites.

There’s rivers of  blood on our hands. So what’s this bullshit about “Don’t be violent”. We have been supporting horrific violence for centuries.

Now the TV is telling us “we must give up our rights and take a killer vaccine
to protect our health.” All bullshit!  Finally, we have a good reason to support
violence. THE SHIP’S GOING DOWN!  Get off the couch, rip the fucking
diapers off your face and do something FAST!!!!

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