United Nations Promote World Wide Communism & Slavery (Hint: Pedophiles Are at Top of UN)

Comment: Note that Symbol of UN is the world in a CAGE!
If the elites continue to get their way, get ready for a lot less freedom and prosperity, and a lot more government.

After peddling coronavirus lockdowns that crushed the economy and riots that terrorized the public under the guise of fighting “systemic racism,” Deep State globalists are now stepping in to offer their proposed solution to the crises: A Great Reset.

Top leaders across the country are looking to “transform” the world and everything in it while aiming to fundamentally re-engineer industries, societies, education, agriculture, and more. 

Advocates of this reset are openly saying as much, with World Economic Forum (WEF) boss Klaus Schwab declaring “all aspects of our societies and economies” need to be “revamped.” Even “our thinking and behavior” will have to dramatically shift, he said.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” added Schwab, calling for even “stronger and more effective” government.

These changes even seem to be systemic too. The WEF leader stated, “The Covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century.” He even proclaimed that the most important issue was calling for a change in the “mindsets”.

While the Great Reset is being framed by Schwab and other proponents as a response to the coronavirus, the moderator of the Great Reset event admitted that the WEF founder had been working on the agenda for many decades. The coronavirus just provides an easy transition to this new “reset”. 

And if there was any doubt that global government was the end goal, Schwab put it to rest with his public comments. “This global pandemic has also demonstrated again how interconnected we are,”. “We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. We only have one planet.”

While the finer details of the “Great Reset” are still being worked out, these comments offer a creepy glimpse into what the globalists are planning for the future. It is clear that the Great Reset presents danger to the life, liberty, and property of almost every person on the planet. 

However, defeating this agenda is not impossible. Exposing its architects and their plan will be crucial. Then, withdrawing from the United Nations, can help protect America from these totalitarian schemes. Follow the action items below to see how you can protect America from this Great Reset.

Comment: ZIONISTS run UN/Nato/Hollywood/Media/Government/Politicians/Talking Heads/Publishing Companies/Wars/Military-Industrial Complex/Hillary Clinton/Barack O’Bama/State Department/AG Bill Barr/Dept of Defense/FBI/Defense Intelligence Agency/ etc. etc. etc.

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