Child Rapist Satanists Created These Mind Control Child Rape Torture “Projects” or CRIMES-ZIONIST Crime Project

Comment: MKUltra is to create assassins. Mind Control is to create sex slaves, spies, drug couriers, etc. Satanic group are liars & deceivers so why believe ANYTHING they say??? They’re a JOKE. Satanists want their crimes covered up so of course since they use mind controlled slaves to commit crimes they don’t want their slaves helped or liberated. Especially since mind controlled slaves make convenient patsies or fall guys easily framed for crimes when drugged and mind controlled. Satanists love getting someone else to take the fall for their own Crimes. They’re malignant Narcissists-Extreme Psychopaths. Satanists ALWAYS pretend to be good people or even pretend to be Christians cuz we are the rubes who keep being duped.

Anonymous Whistleblower: “They use a MKUltra or Sex slave Monarch to do their dirty work separating themselves from everything so it can’t be traced back to them.” “This is how the elitist c__k suckers keep their hands clean.”

British also have their Mind Control institution known as Tavistock. It’s an Anglo-Dutch Satanic network aka British Empire, Rothschild/Monarchy ZIONISTS, aka AshkeNAZI “Jews” who are descendants of Khazars who only converted to Judaism for political purposes.

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