Here We Stand Radio Broadcasts

Here We Stand, November 10, 2019Creating a post-colonial Canadian Republic: Three Activists Speak
Here We Stand, November 3, 2019Censorship of Genocide in Canada: An Aboriginal Scholar’s Experience
Here We Stand, October 27, 2019Making a Grass Roots Revolution: Lessons from a Veteran
Here We Stand, October 20, 2019Don’t Vote: Govern Yourselves! Elections and the Corporatocracy
Here We Stand, October 13, 2019Exorcisms, Republics and Self-Governance: A Reminder
Here We Stand, October 6, 2019Stopping the Crimes: Overcoming the Censor in us and around us – with Kevin Annett
Here We Stand, September 29, 2019A Spiritual and Political Revolution: Vision and Updates with Kevin Annett

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