United States insurance companies paid a record $100 billion in death benefits in 2021. The media is blaming COVID-19 for the excess deaths, when it was really the deadly vaccine in response to the hoax pandemic that caused this increase in deaths.


These excess deaths are going to cause a major problem for the insurance companies. Their models did not account for millions of people taking a deadly shot over a fake pandemic.

We could see a situation where the insurance companies are forced to sue the vaxx-makers in order to survive.

Of course, nobody knows exactly what is going to happen with all of this. I just know that the people who took these shots are probably going to die soon or be so sick they can’t function normally.

The good news is that the only people left to run anything will be anti-vaxxers, racial supremacists, anti-Semites, conspiracy people, flat earthers and QAnon lunatics.