Israel Our Ally??? You’ve Got to Be Kidding…No One Says “Country We Hate” About the USA Like Netanyahu Did Can Seriously Be Considered an Ally!

Trump Betrays a U.S. Ally, Allowing Iran to Gain the Upper Hand

by TUT editor

The U.S. president could be striving to stifle the Shi’ite Crescent that’s forming in the region, but all he wants to do is erase Obama’s landmark foreign policy

ed note–let’s be clear about a few things here–

our esteemed Hebraic author is not vexed about Trump betraying the Kurds whom he characterizes as ‘an ally’. Betrayal is as Judaic as Holy Communion is Catholic. They admire those who embrace treachery and who betray at the slightest whim. What they don’t like however is when they find themselves on the losing end of that ‘betrayal’ which is exactly what has our esteemed Hebraic author going through fits of Jepilepsy.

Trump strengthening Iran, either directly or indirectly, is being done to make Israel understand that without the US, the entire ‘Jewish state’ experiment is finished, and especially now that the Iranians and Russians have gained the upper hand in the region. As we have pointed out here ad nauseum over the last 2 years, Trump, Inc is absolutely intent upon reigning in Judea, Inc, of cutting this little shop of horrors down to a more manageable size and in general, to save what remains of Pax Americana and American dominance–not just in the Middle East, but throughout the world.

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My comment:  Netanyahu is pictured who HATES the U.S.A. and has openly admitted it or Satanyahu is more accurate!

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