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Update 2Posted by Kevin Annett15 mins ago   Share June 3, 2019
Dear friends,

As a recipient of our ITCCS notices, you’ve hopefully been following the tremendous recent developments in our decades-long campaign against child-killing Church and State. These include a new initiative within the United Nations to expel the Vatican from its ranks. 

As a result of this breakthrough, I was today invited to attend a series of important meetings in July of a new coalition of human rights and church survivors’ meetings across Europe. This new coalition will allow us to move even bigger mountains in September when we will be launching a new global initiative to disestablish child killing churches and cults, and arrest the major criminals. While I can’t disclose the details of these meetings, be assured that they will take our struggle to an entirely new and more powerful level.

To get to Europe and work effectively with this new coalition, I need to raise travel funds totaling $5000 over the next month, by July 1. It is up to all of you to help me make this happen. As you know, I operate under a permanent blacklisting and sabotage that makes this request to you so necessary and imperative.

You can donate most directly to this effort by sending donations to Paypal at this email address: pickwick88@yahoo.com 

You can also send checks made out to William Annett to 1000 Walker street, Lot 223, Holly Hill, Florida USA 32117.

Help me carry this battle through to the end.

With my thanks, as always,

Kevin D. Annett
thecommonland@gmail.comHelp spread the word!

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