I am for those who have never been mastered, the sworn poet of every dauntless rebel …Walt Whitman

Greetings to all of you who are not a part of this season to be brain dead!
First, a story.

My buddy Jake was my inside man for a lot of years in the head office of the United Church of Canada. After feeding our movement lots of dirt on the sordid crimes of the clergy of that particular denomination, and helping to convict a few of them, Jake was fired from his job last week after he was caught sticking copies of our most recent leaflet in the hymn books of a Toronto United Church just before its Sunday service. The leaflet, a copy of which is attached, asks parishioners to take a “Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Criminal Churches”. Jake is 74 years old and has no pension and no family to support him. Merry frigging Christmas from the United Church.

But all is not lost. As it turns out, Jake has responded to his sacking by planting his considerable bulk outside the residence of the church official who made him jobless, bearing a sign that reads “Remember Maisie Shaw this Christmas Eve: Bring home all the murdered children. “. (Maisie Shaw was a 14 year old native girl who was murdered by Reverend Alfred Caldwell at the United Church’s Alberni Indian residential school on December 24, 1946)

Jake and Maisie are both on my mind and heart tonight, as is Harriett Nahanee, the eyewitness to Maisie’s killing. Just before her own murder, Harriett said to me, “I used to be a victim. Now I’m a threat.” It’s people like that who have turned the tables on the criminals in high places, like the present “pope” Francis who faces an imminent “palace coup” in the new year by a crisis-racked Vatican whose exposed depravity and crime has spelled its own death knell.

That said, the Jakes and the Harrietts can be numbered on one hand. The few of us who have carried this fight alone for too many years need more than your words of support in the year ahead. A new campaign to disestablish criminal churches and stop their massive child trafficking and killing industry is being launched on January 15, 2019. We need and expect your active involvement in this work.

Here are five things that you can do right away:

1. Order and circulate the books that chronicle our 25 year long campaign that has now gone global. The list of all these books and the updated links to order them follow at the end of this posting.

2. Distribute the leaflet attached to this email to local members of the Catholic, Anglican and United Churches. (leaflet: Church leaflet )

3. Become an associate member of our campaign by pledging a donation at or .

4. Join a local Common Law Direct Action Group and stop crimes against children in your community. Write to for more information.

5. Re-commencing on Sunday, January 6, 2019 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT, tune in to our weekly blog radio program Here We Stand at .

I will be on a speaking and organizing tour across North America and western Europe during January, February and March, 2019. You can help promote my tour and our campaign by organizing readings and lectures by me on any of the topics listed below. You can also help us organize a local Common Law Assembly in your neighborhood, as our people have already done in Dublin, New York City, Toronto and many other communities.

“We have it on our power to begin the world again” said the American revolutionary Thomas Paine.

Make it so.

Kevin Annett / Eagle Strong Voice


Twenty One Topics for Kevin Annett’s 2019 Public Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

A. Personal
1. Forty Five Years as a Free Radical: Keeping the Long View
2. The Power of One: Enduring and Triumphing as a Whistle Blower
3. Aaron’s Dilemma: What I learned as a Clergyman
4. Fatherhood
5. Innerstanding myself or, Whipping my Inner Child into Shape
B. Canada
1. The Land of No-One: How and Why we Destroyed other Nations and their Children
2. Ten Years after the “Apology” for Genocide: Has Anything Changed?
3. 1497 and so on: An Irreverent History of White People in Canada
4. At the Mouth of a Cannon: Conquest and Cupidity of Canada’s West Coast
5. Coming of Age: The Case for the Republic of Kanata
C. Religion and Spirituality
1. The Fall of Rome: Does the Vatican and its Church have a future?
2. Gathering the Remnant: Who are the Covenanters?
3. Jesus Christ: The Enemy of Family, Property and Religion
4. God’s Revolution: What is this Thing called the Jubilee?
5. The Forgiveness Fallacy: Standing by our Painful Truth
D. Politics and Power
1. The Uncommon Power of the Common Law: Making the World Anew
2. How the Small can Conquer the Large: A Deeper Look at Sun Tzu and The Art of War
3. One Dimensional Politics and Multidimensional Man: Is a Revolutionary Practice Possible?
4. What is a Republic?
5. The Oldest Lie: A Brief History of Rulers
6. The Cornerstone of Power: Why the Sacrifice of Children Continues

Murder by Decree – The Crime of Genocide in Canada:

Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion:
Establishing the Reign of Natural Liberty: A Common Law Training Manual

At the Mouth of a Cannon: Conquest and Cupidity on Canada’s West Coast ,

Truth Teller’s Shield: A Manual for Whistle Blowers & Hell Raisers:

Establishing Liberty: The Case for the Republic of Kanata

Here We Stand: The Call of the New Protestant Reformation

Fallen – The Story of the Vancouver Four:

The Sacrifice – Of Family and Empire:
1497 and so on: A History of White People in Canada or, The Caucasian Healing Fund :

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