Henry Lee Lucas Admitted He Was a Contract Killer For Elite Satanists

What are we to make of Henry’s bizarre tale of being a contract killer? And
what of Henry’s other stories, including the one about being a close friend of Jim
Jones of the People’s Temple? Henry claimed on numerous occasions that it was
he who was taken on a chartered plane to Guyana to personally deliver the
cyanide to Jones that was allegedly used in the now infamous Jonestown massacre.
What are we to make of such stories? Could Henry have been telling the truth about being a contract killer? And if so, did the contracts he was receiving
have some kind of government connection? Though Henry did not address the
subject in his book, the training camp, as he described it, clearly had military
connections. And Henry has explicitly stated that the cult included among its
members various socially prominent individuals, including high-level politicians.
Could that be the reason for the actions taken by Governor George W. Bush
in June 1998?
“They think I’m stupid, but before all this is over everyone will
know who’s really stupid. And we’ll see who the real criminals
—Henry Lee Lucas

Admin:  Henry Lee Lucas was a Contract killer for the Bush Satanists.  That is why he was the ONLY one to be pardoned by George W. Bush, Governor.  It is because he was employed by them.  Excerpt above from ‘Programmed to Kill.’

Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder - McGowan, DavidThe specter of the marauding serial killer has become a relatively common feature on the American landscape. Reactions to these modern-day monsters range from revulsion to morbid fascination–fascination that is either fed by, or a product of, the saturation coverage provided by print and broadcast media, along with a dizzying array of books, documentary films, websites, and “Movies of the Week.” The… Read More

The Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story, tells of Henry’s
indoctrination into a nationwide satanic cult. Lucas claimed that he was trained
by the cult in a mobile paramilitary training camp in the Florida Everglades. His
training, he said, included instruction in abduction and arson techniques, as well
as in the fine art of killing, up close and personal. Henry further claimed that
leaders of the camp were so impressed with his handling of a knife that he was
allowed to serve as an instructor. Following his training, Henry claimed that he
served the cult in various ways, including as a contract killer and as an abductor
of children, whom he delivered to a ranch in Mexico near Juarez. Once there,

they were used in the production of child pornography and for ritual sacrifices.
Henry has said that this cult’s operations were based in Texas, and included trafficking
in children and drugs, among other illegal pursuits.
What Henry claimed, essentially, is that what appeared to be the random work
of a serial killer was in fact a planned series of crimes often committed for specific
purposes. Some of the murders were political hits, according to Henry, including
assassinations of foreign dignitaries, local politicians and wealthy businessmen.
This was not true for all of Henry’s crimes. Some he did just because that is what
he liked to do. And it was the one thing that he was really good at. The beauty of
this arrangement was that it allowed Henry to conceal the true motive for many
of his crimes. Those performed as contract hits looked like all of his murders—
senseless and random acts of violence.
In Henry’s version of events, it was Toole who was responsible for Henry’s
recruitment and training by the cult, and for many of the pair’s exploits thereafter.
Interestingly, in all the standard biographies of the pair, Toole is said to have
been Henry’s severely retarded, and decidedly junior, partner. It is quite clear
though from reading an interview granted by Toole to a journalist (of sorts) that
he was not by any means retarded. Uneducated, no doubt, but certainly not
severely retarded. Ottis was able to express himself quite clearly, though perversely,
and displayed a substantial level of knowledge about the practices of
Satanism—which isn’t really surprising given that he was, as Joel Norris has written,
“raised as ‘the Devil’s child’ by his Satanist grandmother.”
Toole has described a childhood that was complete with all the trappings of
satanic ritual abuse. He has told of being forced to have sex with numerous family
members and others—including his father, his stepfather, his stepfather’s
friends, and his older sister Drusilla. His grandmother, who lived with Ottis’
father as man and wife, although they were actually mother and son, is said to
have been a member of a multi-generational death cult. Toole once explained to
an interviewer how he had “been involved in all this since I was a child, through
the cult, you know.” He has spoken of having urine poured on him, of eating dog
meat, and of watching two cats fight to their death while their blood dripped
down upon him. Ottis also had this to say of his childhood years: “I used to go
with my grandmother into graveyards—we used to dig up all kinds of bones—

and she used to take the bones and do devil worship.” He has also told of once
being forced into a grave to pluck the bones from a freshly rotting corpse. Young
Ottis was also frequently dosed with barbiturates, and he has said that he “used to
hear voices.”
Toole’s older sister, Drusilla, spent time in a mental hospital, after which she
reportedly committed suicide. Her children were placed in the care of their Uncle
Ottis and his friend Henry Lee Lucas. Two of them, Frieda and Frank Powell,

accompanied the pair on their homicidal wanderings and were forced to witness,
and at times participate in, the rape, killing and mutilation of the victims. Frieda
(aka Becky) ended up scattered in a field after suffering years of sexual abuse at
the hands of Henry and Ottis. Frank fared slightly better; he was committed to a
mental hospital. A third sibling, Sarah Pierce, who shared with her Uncle Ottis a
passion for arson, was convicted and imprisoned for indulging her passion

Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas Story

Comment:  The real name of the Bush family is Scherff and they are actually Talmudic ‘Jews.’

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