USDA to Kill & Incinerate 100 Kittens (PURE EVIL!!!) From Synagogue of Satan USDA!

Julie Germany & White Coat Waste Project shared an update on Retire dogs, cats & monkeys from U.S. government labs! #GIVETHEMBACK Check it out and leave a comment:

Kitten Slaughterhouse: USDA to Kill & Incinerate 100 Kittens

We recently launched our most important campaign yet: to save 100 baby kittens from death and incineration at the USDA!

Here’s what you need to know about USDA’s Kitten Slaughterhouse:

  • 100 Kittens Will Die: 10-week old kittens will be slaughtered and incinerated.
  • Maximum Pain: kittens are sometimes denied anesthesia and pain relief.
  • USDA Refuses to Adopt Out the Survivors. But you’ve been paying …
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