Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby Found in Local Garbage Dump With Umbilical Cord Attached


Micaiah Bilger   Nov 5, 2015   |   6:05PM    Campinas, Brazil

A dog rummaging in a garbage dump in Brazil is being credited with saving a newborn baby’s life.

The stray female dog found the newborn boy with his umbilical cord still attached, the blog Life With Dogs reported Wednesday.

Photos show the dog gently carrying the baby in its mouth away from the dump and to the nearest house in the city of Campinas, Brazil. According to the blog, the residents of the house immediately took the baby to the nearest hospital.

Doctors said the baby boy is doing well. The dog, who is being called “an angel sent from the heavens,” left the baby unharmed, according to the report.

Authorities are searching for the boy’s mother, according to the blog.

A similar incident occurred in 2013 in Thailand when a family dog rescued an abandoned newborn baby girl at a roadside dump.

11/6/15 UPDATE: Another web site indicates the incident occurred in the Middle East nation of Oman, rather than in Brazil:

The absolutely unbelievable incident took place in Kharbika, Oman, as a man was riding his bike on Saturday morning, October 31, the man noticed a stray dog walking on the road with something in his mouth. He noticed blood drops on the road and went closer to the dog to take a closer look, and when he did, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

According to the man, the dog was holding a newborn baby boy in his mouth; the baby – a couple of hours old – even had his umbilical cord still attached!!

However, Univision reports that it occurred in Brazil.




My Comment:  This wonderful, intelligent dog should be adopted by someone…dogs like this are rare.  (She’s a right to lifer!)  This abandoned stray dog has more ethics than our leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives!

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