Trump at NATO Summit-‘Any day Now IRAN Will Call Me and Ask For a Deal’

Trump at NATO Summit– ‘Any day now Iran will call me and ask for a deal’

by TUT editor

ed note–before all the usual suspects making up the tweeker brigade explode with all their usual theatrics, keep in mind a few pertinent facts surrounding this little drama.

Trump does not want war with Iran, which is why Judea, Inc wants him gone, and yes, him backing out of the JCPOA was part of that plan of avoiding war, as the JCPOA was designed specifically with war in mind, as its chief advocates wrote in the policy paper ‘Which Path to Persia’ financed and supported by the Saban Center. What he does want however is for Iran to back away from its posture of constantly threatening the annihilation of the Zionist entity, as this is exactly what the Jews need in constantly throttling whatever US administration happens to be in power for extra money, extra political support and extra blood of American servicemen/servicewomen.

And all can be assured that this is precisely what Trump will demand from Iran if/when they ‘call’ and ‘ask for a deal’. Yes, on the surface there will be talk of Iran’s non-existent ‘nuclear weapons’ program, but behind closed doors what Trump will tell them is as follows–‘Go ahead, keep your nuclear program, just back off from the rhetoric and we can go back to status quo ante bellum.’ Read more of this post

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