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MONDAY / JUNE 11, 2018

Image result for MERKEL TRUMP CROSSED ARMS New York Times Front Page

The photoshopped fake photo above is being used to embarass Trump

NY Times (Op-Ed): Trump Tries to Destroy the West


The “powers that be” seem very disappointed with Donald Trump’s dismissive attitude at the G-7 (Group of 7) nerd prom we refer to as “The Goofy 7” which just wrapped up in Canada. Just one day after The Washington Compost and other publications ran big stories describing the frustration of George Soros‘ with Trump’s plan to “destroythe world,” Sulzberger’s Slimes also called out Trump for “destroying the West” — going so far as to front-page what we are convinced is a photo-shopped image of The Frumpy Frau of Germany scolding Trump like a school head mistress lecturing to a little boy forced to sit in the bad boy chair.

Notice how Soros and Sulzberger sing the same Hebrew hymn:

  • Daily Fail Headline: “Soros: ‘Trump Willing to Destroy the World‘”

  • Sulzberger’s Slimes Headline: “Trump Tries to Destroy the West

Hmmmm. Might the new buzz-word “destroy” soon be granted a “” soon? Maybe.


Image result for trump merkel g7 Related image Image result for g 7 2018

1. Manly Merkel’s henchmen were the first to “tweet” the phony image that has since become “iconic” 2. Soros on Trump: The bigger the danger, the bigger the threat, the more I feel engaged to confront it.” 3Libtards are upset with Trump’s indifference toward “The Goofy 7” nerd prom.


When we understand that “the World” and “the West” are code terms for “The New World Order,” the Globalist protest over it’s “destruction” is a very good sign, and cause for adding a few points to Trump’s plus column. As for this particular piece, it is chock full of the usual disinformation about history and current events. Let’s have a closer look and administer a bit of badly-needed corrective analysis:


Slimes: The alliance between the United States and Western Europe has accomplished great things. It won two world wars in the first half of the 20th century.

Analysis: Correction! The alliance — mainly for the purpose of advancing the objectives of Globalism — STARTED the two horrific world wars in the first half of the 20th century.

Slimes: Then it expanded to include its former enemies …

Analysis: Correction! Then it expanded by SUBJUGATING and permanently OCCUPYING its former enemies (Germany, Italy, Japan).

Slimes: … and went on to win the Cold War… help spread democracy and build the highest living standards the world has ever known.

Analysis:  There’s nothing as maniacal to behold as the self-worshipping narcissism of the western “elite.”

Slimes: President Trump is trying to destroy that alliance…. Put it this way: If a president of the United States were to sketch out a secret, detailed plan to break up the Atlantic alliance, that plan would bear a striking resemblance to Trump’s behavior.

Analysis: Let’s hope that is the case, because ever since the “alliance” was born with the Anglo-French “Entente-Cordiale” of 1904, it has brought death, destruction, subversion and destitution to millions of innocents who had the misfortune of living in sovereign sates that stood in the way of the “alliance.”

Image result for anglo french entente Image result for wilson clemenceau lloyd george Image result for japan and germany bombed

1.1904: Rothschild-owned Britain (which included Canada) and France –with the goal of waging war against Germany in the coming decade — formed an alliance.  2. 1917-18: The United States joined the UK-France alliance — thus prolonging World War I and setting the stage for World War II  (pictured are leaders George, Clemenceau & Wilson) 3. The genocidal terror-bombing and allied occupation of Germany, Japan and Italy led to those three nationalist states being conquered and later added to the “Atlantic Alliance” and its offshoot — The Goofy 7.


Slimes: It would involve outward hostility to the leaders of Canada, Britain, France, Germany and Japan. Specifically, it would involve picking fights over artificial issues — not to win big concessions for the United States, but to create conflict for the sake of it.

Analysis: It does indeed seem like Trump is picking a fight with these Globalist stooges. It’s interesting that the writer neglected to mention member # 7: Italy — the only other member of the Goofy 7 currently leaning a bit nationalist and definitely friendly toward Russia.

Slimes: He chose not to attend the full G-7 meeting, in Quebec, this past weekend. While he was there, he picked fights.
Analysis: He skipped the Climate Change  bullshit. Good for him! 
Slimes: By now, you’ve probably seen the photograph released by the German government — of Trump sitting down, with eyebrows raised and crossed arms, while Germany’s Angela Merkel and other leaders stand around him, imploring. Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, wears a look of defeat.
Analysis: A fake photo — but probably accurate in terms of the narrative it is meant to convey. The Goofy 7 leaders — excluding the new Italian government — must feel frustrated with America’s “lack of leadership” on New World Order initiatives.

Slimes: Trump isn’t telling the truth about trade, much as he has lied about Barack Obama’s birthplace, his own position on the Iraq War, his inauguration crowd, voter fraud, the murder rate, Mexican immigrants, the Russian investigation, the Stormy Daniels hush money and several hundred other subjects. The tariffs aren’t a case of his identifying a real problem but describing it poorly. He is threatening the Atlantic alliance over a lie.

Analysis: The Slimes, like Soros, is clearly coming unhinged — another promising sign.

Image result for climate bogeymanImage result for stormy danielsImage result for obama birth certificate

1. Trump may not have read “Climate Bogeyman,” but it is clear that he has no intention of going along with this most-cherished scam of the Globalists. 2. The fact that the Slimes continues to bring up the allegations of a washed-up porno whore and Trump’s 2010 – 2011 claims about Obongo’s Birth Certificate, shows how frustrated that “the paper of record” has become over its inability to ruin Trump.


Slimes: If you need more evidence, look at his tweets after leaving the summit. …  On Saturday, he called Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, “very dishonest.”

Analysis: It’s about time somebody called out Justine Trudeau — that Globalist Golden Girly-Boy with the skin-tight suits, children’s socks and the Dondi cartoon hairdo. Tweet it Trump, tweet it!

Slimes: While Trudeau and other historical allies get disdain, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and various aspiring authoritarians are bathed in praise.

Analysis: In Globospeak, an “authoritarian” ™ is any political leader who hesitates to take orders from the NWO crime syndicate.

Slimes: Trump … made excuses for Russia’s annexation of Crimea

Analysis: The “annexation” of Crimea came after a violent CIA-Soros-NGO coup overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine; and after the predominantly Russian people of Crimea voted by a margin of 97%-3% to divorce CIA-Ukraine and return to the sovereignty of Mother Russia.  Since “the paper of record” refuses to provide “youse guys” with that critical chronology, Sugar and I, er “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times thought we should mention it. Context is everything!

Slimes: Maybe it’s ideological, and he prefers Putin-style authoritarianism to democracy. Or maybe Putin really does have some compromising information.

Analysis: Back to Putin blackmailing Trump, eh? Pure desperation! — Even libtards no longer believe this crap anymore.

Slimes: A few Republicans, like John McCain, offered appropriately alarmed words in the last two days. Now members of Congress need to do more than send anguished tweets. They should offer legislation that would restrain Trump and hold hearings meant to uncover his motives.
Analysis: Were it not for the fact that McCain the Insane is faking his illness in order to escape the coming house-cleaning, we would sincerely wish him a painful and protracted death from his “brain cancer.” Nonetheless, the vile faker’s evident displeasure with Trump’s performance at The Goofy 7 is another good sign.

Image result for crimea celebrates Image result for mccain Related image

1. Crimea’s return to Russia was triggered by a violent CIA coup in Ukraine, which was then followed by an overwhelming vote in Crimea to break away from CIA-Ukraine and return to Russia. 2Soros-owned McCain hates Trump as much as he hates Putin. 3A friendly Trump-Putin one-on-one meeting is now inevitable, and neither Soros nor the pygmies of the Goofy 7, nor McCain the Insane, nor the frustrated Jew York Slimes can’t stop it.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Trump may be deliberately trying to wreck the Atlantic alliance of the past 100 years.

Boobus Americanus 2: I don’t understand. Countries like Britain, Canada, Germany and France are our closest allies.

     Image result for Macron, May, Trudeau and Merkel

Sugar:  Wrong again, Boobuss! Any government that is N.W.O. is an enemy sstate of the American people.

 Editor: Amen! Macron, May, Trudeau and Merkel — Marxist vermin all!



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