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Salmon Oil
The Key Healing Agent 77 Percent Don’t Realize They’re Deficient In

It’s a key benefactor for your heart, brain and body. And most people have no idea they’re deficient. But purity is a prime concern. Gladly, there are no worries here, as Clean Eating honored it with its Clean Choice Award in 2017 for being safe, nontoxic and sustainable.


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Why Your Brain Fails as You Age, What You Can Do Now

Of all your internal organs, your brain requires the most energy. As you age, your mitochondrial genes that drive energy production become less active, therefore leaving your brain susceptible to disease. Don’t wait, take these steps now to help aid mitochondrial function and to help keep your brain healthy.


how aging affects mitochondria in brain cells

Could This Bean Give Your Brain a Boost and Help Battle Parkinson’s?

Mucuna pruriens, also known as velvet bean, kapikacchu and cowhage seed, has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine mainly due to the fact it contains L-dopa, a natural dopamine precursor that helps your body regulate energy, motivation and well-being. Research suggests this bean may be useful in the battle against Parkinson’s disease.


mucuna pruriens medicinal uses

Find Out Why Black Cumin Seed Oil Has Stood the Test of Time

Black cumin is one of the oldest plants still in use today. In particular, its oil has been prized by ancient cultures for its various therapeutic uses, and numerous studies have sought to understand why it still retains its reputation. Discover how black cumin seed oil can benefit your well-being.


black cumin oil

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Eye Support
If You’re Not Doing This, You Could Compromise Your Vision

They’re one of the most intricate, miraculous systems in your body – demanding specific nutrients that neutralize free radicals, support visual acuity, maintain healthy eye pressure levels and more. Plus, reduce fatigue like from computers. Here are those specifics.

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how long to bake chicken


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