Insane Israel Firsters Run Screw Loose Israel-Screw Loose Zionist Christians Support Them!

How They Do It–From Natalie Portman to Iran, the Telltale Signs That Israel May Have a Loose Screw

by TUT editor

ed note–please keep in mind that the only, repeat–ONLY–reason that there are ‘Jews of good conscience’ coming forward these days–loud-n-proud, large & in charge–protesting against the ‘excesses’ of Israel and especially the ‘corruption’ said to be rampant under the prime ministership of King Bibi is that–

1. Gentiles are beginning to wake from the jamnesia-inducing effects of the janesthesia under which they have been put to sleep and are more and more remembering those things embedded deeply within their Gentile genetic code concerning the dangerous nature of Jewish interests as embedded within Judaic jenetic code,


2. the only way Israel can continue to exist as the parasite upon the rest of the world for which it is totally dependent is for it to go through a ‘rehabilitation’ process that puts the Gentile world back to sleep.

Israel ‘may’ have a loose screw? Where were the op-eds from ‘good Jews’ when 1948 rolled around when 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their lands? How about in 1967? How about all the various massacres that have taken place–exactly in accordance with what the Torah teaches and proscribes–such as Jenin, Deir Yassin, Sabra/Shatilla, Cast Lead, etc, etc, etc?

Remember, all convicted murderers pleading for leniency from the judge presiding over their case make sure to shower, shave, get a nice haircut, and put on their best ‘mea culpa’ face when the occasion calls for it, and not only are Israel’s supporters skilled in this deceptive craft, they are the MASTERS at it. Read more of this post

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