North & South Korea Commit to Denuclearization in Historic Summit (Wonder What Other Conjured Reason Will Come Up From US/ISRAEL to Prevent Peace?)

North, South Korea commit to denuclearization in historic summit

by TUT editor

Upon signing document calling for ‘a nuclear-free Korean peninsula,’ the two leaders shared a warm embrace

ed note–now wait, let me guess…don’t tell me…it’s all an act…No, no, no, it’s a HOAX, just like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, etc.

After all, as we are told on a daily basis by all sorts of experts, geniuses, clairvoyants, etc, Trump–who clearly was the hand (hidden or not so hidden) behind this development, is ‘owned by the Jews’, and since the Jews who ‘own’ Trump want NNK (nuclear North Korea) destroyed because of the possibility/likelihood that Iran might somehow benefit from NNK’s nukes, this is clearly not possible, or, as Vizzini repeatedly said over and over again in The Princess Bride–


On a more serious note, please consider what the secondary and tertiary implications/ramifications are associated with this development are–

1. Israel is not in the least bit pleased about this for several reasons, but obviously the most important being that it gives Trump an incredible ‘leg up’ in terms of his international standing/credibility, but even more importantly, if Trump can end the stand-off that has been going on for over half a century between North and South Korea, then there is no reason why he can’t also negotiate a peace deal between Israel and the Arabs in ending a state of war that also has been going on for over half a century.

Funny how things like that happen, huh?

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