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Trump Must Be Allowed To Control U.S. Policy Towards Russia — We Must Crush Mueller’s Russiagate Scam

President Trump has consistently, and repeatedly, declared Robert Mueller’s Russiagate to be a total fraud, an attempt to overturn the will of the nation in the presidential election, and in several aspects outright treasonous. He has also repeated over and over, throughout his campaign and as President, that having friendly relations with Russia is a “good thing,” and critical for a successful U.S. policy in the world.READ MORE

LaRouchePAC Launches Election Platform: The Campaign to Win the Future

LaRouchePAC has released its 2018 election platform, “The Campaign to Win the Future,” with the aim of setting the agenda for the 2018 federal elections. We intend to shape the debate and create a national constituency for implementing LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws, and demanding the US join the New Silk Road, and finding candidates who are willing to adopt this platform. This dynamic is already sweeping the country, exemplified notably in West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice’s embrace of China’s offers of massive investment in infrastructure and development, but must be consolidated through clear leadership.READ MORE

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