Trump’s Jerusalem move expected to impede Zionist/Sunni alliance against Iran

by TUT editor

The perception of progress on the peace process between the Jewish State and the Palestinians gave Sunni Arab states public legitimacy to work with Israel; now they’re being forced by Trump’s recent Jerusalem declaration to backtrack and take up hardline positions

Ed note–gosh, there’s something SOOOOO familiar about the thesis contained in this piece…Hmmmm, let’s see…

Why yes, it appeared right here, just a week ago in fact, right in the midst of the ‘muuvmnt meltdown’ following Trump’s ‘declaration’ on Jerusalem, when everyone, his brother, his cousin, and everyone in between was in full blown screech mode that this development had no further significance attached to it other than as living, breathing, sweating, stinking confirmation that Trump is a ‘seekrit Joo’ pretending to be a blond-haired Gentile in order to fool everyone.

Please compare/contrast the thesis contained in this piece with what appeared here a week ago, to wit–

ed note–before everyone reacts and erupts with all the typical noise, please consider what may be the underlying strategic reasons for Trump doing this–

1. The ‘friendship’ that Israel has been trying to cultivate with the Arab countries–most notably KSA, Egypt, Jordan, etc–has now been put to the torch over this issue. The Zionist/Sunni alliance against Iran which Israel envisioned whereby Judea, Inc was then in the position of utilizing the militaries of the aforementioned Sunni countries as proxy forces against Iran has just come to a screeching halt.

2. Israel has now been put under the gun as all her surrounding neighbors are seething with rage, thus putting Netanyahu in the position of being forced to come to Trump on his knees begging for assistance and support, a situation which puts Trump in a much better position in terms of his much-discussed ‘peace deal’ between Israel and the Arabs.

But, naaaah…None of that makes any sense. It’s much easier to just say that Trump did this jes’ cuz he’s a ‘seekrit joo’

Post Script ed note–NB the comments of Ghaith al-Omari, described as ‘a senior fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy’ which represents the NEOCON line, as WINEP is one of Likud’s many tentacles in DC, operating alongside AEI, JINSA, AIPAC et al.

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