Erdogan: ‘Zionist’ Trump has taken himself out of peace role

by TUT editor

Turkish leader says Jerusalem is a ‘red line,’ calls for Muslim leaders to find new mediator for peace process

ed note–Please put aside what we all know about Erdogan and particularly his own personal role in Syria’s destruction for a moment and consider the new paradigm at work here.

The West’s role in trying to bring about the ‘Turkish Spring’ in unseating Erdogan has backfired. The fact that it was the West that was responsible for destroying the Ottoman Empire in the first place, paired with the refusal to admit Turkey into the European Union coupled with the treachery involved in utilizing her for the dirty business in Syria has resulted in a ‘conversion’ of sorts for Erdogan who is now to be found in very cozy circumstances with Iran and Russia. Putin’s ‘pullout’ of Syria after defeating the western and zionist terrorists there is being hailed as a great victory and has garnered Russia and her leader credibility, popularity and gravitas that simply cannot be matched by anyone.

Please consider the time line here–Putin and Trump met exactly one month before Trump’s ‘declaration’ on Jerusalem. In the aftermath of this declaration, the US is declared an ‘unfit’ broker in garnering any ‘peace deal’ with the Palestinians. Putin made sure to weigh in with his own stance on Trump’s declaration, that it was reckless, dangerous,  unfair, unjust, and would not help the ‘peace process’.

Putin has thus just stepped into the role as the perfect mediator for peace negotiations which Trump and the US have now found themselves unable to manage, due to the fact that Jewish interests are too deeply entrenched in all political and diplomatic affairs in the US.

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