Why Political Prostitute Biden is Crucial For Crime Syndicate Running U.S.

  1. He will be wide open for WW3 with U.S. vs Russia & China
  2. He will bring the United States into the Carbon Reduction plan to de-industrialize the United States bringing in mass poverty & hunger
  3. The massive stimulus money is to get people to support Biden and to turn them against Trump supporters
  4. Last but not least he will be a fervent puppet to the ZIONIST British Oligarchy including the Zionist British Monarchy as Biden is thoroughly compromised and demented so he can’t competently or ethically challenge these criminals anyway.

Ron Wieczorek

WieczorekHelga Zepp-LaRouche reviewed why it is crucial that President Donald Trump free Julian Assange, pardon Edward Snowden, and exonerate Lyndon LaRouche, as a central part of his fight to defeat the British imperial forces that targetted him, and the people of the U.S. She spoke in dialogue with Harley Schlanger and Matthew Ogden, in a half-hour exchange posted Jan. 6 on The LaRouche Organization. Even if Trump has only days left of his presidency, these actions would provide powerful intelligence to be used to bring down the globalist warhawks and neo-liberals, who intend to use a would-be Biden Administration to escalate strategic confrontation with Russia and China, while imposing a global banker’s dictatorship. The latter, known as the Great Reset, would have deadly consequences in the midst of the COVID pandemic and spread of famine throughout major regions of Africa.It was pointed out that the relentless slander campaign against Trump for four years, as the spearhead of the regime-change coup, was conducted to prevent him from working with Russia and China to address these global crises. The decision handed down by a British magistrate to block the extradition of Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on bogus charges, but denying him bail, leaves him still in a dangerous situation, rotting away in HM Prison Belmarsh, surrounded by inmates infected with COVID. The Assange case, like the LaRouche case, demonstrates the extent the establishment will go to cover up their crimes.The video of the dialogue is now posted on The LaRouche Organization’s website at https://laroucheorganization.nationbuilder.com/20210106…Share it, get it around to those committed to defending the Constitution, to pro-Trump networks, civil libertarians, honest progressives, and those engaged in support of Assange and Snowden. These are cases which break the profile of “left-wing” or “right-wing” issues, as they get to the heart of the intent of the Constitution, to give the citizens the capability to use their government to promote the general welfare, rather than to protect corrupt private interests.The complete transcript is available in Documentation in this briefing.Free Assange, Pardon Snowden, Exonerate LaRouche! How Trump Can Flip the Strategic ChessboardLAROUCHEORGANIZATION.NATIONBUILDER.COMFree Assange, Pardon Snowden, Exonerate LaRouche! How Trump Can Flip the Strategic ChessboardHow can President Trump flip over the chessboard at this late hour and outflank those who are pushing for global war? An announcement that he is freeing Assange, pardoning Snowden, and exonerating the late Lyndon LaRouche would send shockwaves around theworld.


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