Putin is Emerging as New Leader in ME Affairs

In Rare Move, Trump Threatens to Cut Aid to UN Members Who Vote for Jerusalem Resolution

by TUT editor

U.S. president says he ‘likes’ envoy Nikki Haley’s warning to UN member states and that he is, indeed, ‘watching their votes’

ed note–before all the usual suspects erupt with all the usual chirping and honking, step back and take a look at the bigger picture here and employ a lil’ bitta strategic thinking.

With his declaration on Jerusalem, Trump has just succeeded in waking this sleeping giant known as the Islamic world–2 billion people–who now don’t give a rat’s fuzzy rear end about secondary issues such as Shia, Sunni, Persian, Arab, Turk, etc. The various governments in those Arab countries in the Middle East who are/have been the playthings of Israel are now quaking in their boots that a real revolution is about to blow and the US has just been removed as any kind of ‘legitimate’ broker in the ‘peace process’, a vacancy that is quickly being filled by  Vladimir Putin and Russia.

So Trump’s noises about ‘making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice’ vis a vis cutting aid to those countries who vote for the UN resolution means nothing. It is part of the political theater taking place in solidifying Putin and Russia as the dominant arbiter in the peace talks.

Nevertheless, as sure as s***, all can assume that this otherwise reasonable and practical theory surrounding these events will be summarily dismissed by the high priests of identity politics who seem content to remain firmly fixed in their own little political kindergarten, where it is much easier to simply offer ‘d’jooz’ as the stock answer for each and every question posed in the same manner as d’Jooz offer ‘anti-Shemitism’ for each and every question posed.

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My Comment:  Trump is a businessman and didn’t want to be paying the UN/NATO all American money or at least 80% of the bill to begin with…he even stated it on his campaign trail!  BRAVO!  Let America Exit the UN/NATO!

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