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Reinventing A New Direction
Who is spying on you? Well, if you’re like many Americans recently, the answer could be – your government.
They spied illegally on multiple Presidential campaigns and members of Congress.  Political appointees read transcripts of conversations.
Why do they have this power?  Section 702, the law that authorizes enhanced spying powers, is supposed only to be used to deal with overseas terrorism. But that’s now how It really works.  Everyone is open to the abuse of the system, and I’m afraid It is getting worse, not better.
But there is good news. This broad spying power is set to expire December 31.  I want this power ended and the foreign surveillance at wholly reformed to protect the rights of all US citizens.
But I’m going to need your help.
Congress has been busy on other matters recently, including a massive tax cut and repealing the Obamacare mandate.  So this expiration of their spying powers has been under the radar.
That needs to end today.
We must stand up and DEMAND reform.
The House could move as soon as today with a new bill that not only doesn’t end this abusive power — but It actually expands It.
That’s why your support for reform and for freedom is so crucial.
Help me get the word out this week that WE THE PEOPLE will not be spied on by our government.
WE DEMAND reform.
WE WILL stand up.
RANDPAC is ready to lead this fight.  But I cannot do It without you. So please show your support today for REAL reform, for freedom and for the Bill of Rights.
I’ll keep you updated as this fight moves forward, but please support this effort and RANDPAC today.
In liberty,
Rand Paul MD
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