All These Alphabet Agencies & Political Parties Are Under IronClad Control of the ZIONIST British Empire Including City of London, Vatican and D.C. & Media (Ministry of Propaganda)

Censoring Speech and Stealing Nature the FDA WayFDA is ignoring Congress and attacking an affordable supplement to protect Big Pharma profits. And we wonder why health care costs so much.ACTION ALERT!Will Natural Medicine Be Snuffed Out in Your State?That’s what a secretive, private, powerful organization is seeking to do.ACTION ALERT!FDA’s Deafening Silence on Ebola CuresIn the midst of another terrible outbreak, why doesn’t the agency discuss natural treatments that can protect us?ACTION ALERT!FEATURED VIDEOFDA Piracy Threatens CBDThe opioid epidemic offers a stunning example of how our government prioritizes profits over its own citizens.ACTION ALERT!FROM ANH-INTERNATIONALIs your diet packing enough protein power?Cutting through the hype and the mire of misinformation on protein so you can make an informed dietary choice EAT-Lancet: fantasy, ideology or our only chance?An in-depth analysis of ‘Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems’ report.  
 Alliance for Natural Health 
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