Social Engineering Tricks to Get Obama into White House & ‘Refugees’ Into Europe

Obama’s Nobel Prize for “Mind Control” –Pontification Blog
“Former President Barack Obama has just ‘won’ a second Nobel Prize, this time for the chief ‘mind control’ researcher whose ideas helped him get elected and reelected. Yet most people do not even know that Mr. Obama had a kind of ‘Office of Thought Control’ and team of mind-manipulation experts in his White House…Journalists said nothing of this when they reported in October that Richard Thaler of the University of Chicago has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his research creating the field of ‘behavioral economics.’….Thaler found that most people make decisions irrationally, but predictably, and that such decisions can be ‘nudged’ in certain directions by outside influences....Thaler explains how to use such influences in ‘Nudge,’ a book he co-authored with legal scholar Cass Sunstein. Craig R. Smith and I lay out these disturbing techniques and document how the Obama Administration used them in our book The Great Withdrawal….In 2008, Sunstein and Thaler assembled a team of behavioral scientists to help elect Obama. Sunstein headed Obama’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs from 2009 until August 2012…Sunstein has sought to make taxpaying a ‘celebration,’ writing that ‘You cannot be for rights and against government….There is no liberty without dependency.’ This is the kind of mind-twisting Double-Think found in Big Brother’s propaganda in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.” Full story

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My Comment:  This is SOCIAL ENGINEERING USING BEHAVIORAL SCIENTISTS TO DETERMINE ELECTION OUTCOMES AND MANIPULATE PEOPLE=MIND CONTROL……remember how europeans were manipulated into letting ‘refugees’ in the bloodied girl is the result of this altruistic decision but the ZIONISTs behind it know how to put their consciences into the ‘DEEP FREEZER.’  For more see illuminati banker…Ronald Bernard who is now dead and clearly was murdered for whistleblowing!

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