America is a Nation Built on Lies & The Lies Never Stop

When lies

become truth

When lies become truth

we turn into shadows of ourselves,

hollow entities of use to no one,

willingly abdicating our own destiny

to the slimy purposes of those butchers

who control our lives.

Americans are a bunch

of zombified low life users

unable to ask the very questions

that will keep them alive.

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By John Kaminski

The nightmare of the artificially imposed reality clouds our real view of existence, when the most profound statement ever uttered in world history can be found in the surreal words of George W. Bush when he endorsed the false yet official explanation of the 9/11 catastrophe with this classic utterance of newspeak manipulation.

“We have to keep repeating the propaganda until it sinks in.”

This memorable slice of demonic advice was followed by his subsequent rejoinder, “They hate our freedoms,” when he was talking about the infamous hijackers who never existed, and ever since have never been proven to exist, despite the thousands of hapless Muslim patsies who were jailed as their accomplices.

The hijackers were only phantoms planted in the minds of the public by the perverse perpetrators who sought to make war on the entire world and make a lot of money doing it. The money has been made and the innocent victims are long dead and still dying.

The echo of this warped bit of wisdom from former President Bush sent chills down my spine yesterday when I heard the lawyer Sidney Powell, the most articulate of the experts explaining why the 2020 presidential election was fixed, was copping a plea and admitting she had lied to avoid going to jail in the kangaroo court that has become the new way of life in America and the world.

It is now the place where patriots are imprisoned while illegal alien murderers are released on their own recognizance.

A plea bargain, they call it, used to avoid a long prison sentence. A truth bargain, I call it, used to deceive the public and convince them of the lie being sold.

You will be forced to believe what authorities tell you is true, no matter that the avalanche of exculpatory evidence proves otherwise. The phrase that followed Powell’s forced confession that produced the cold chills was intoned by some nameless but pompous news reader who reminded us that “this was the most secure election in American history,” shattering the logic of most normal people who know for sure it was exactly the opposite.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. This inversion of the narrative has been going on a long time, if not forever. Maybe it goes all the way back to “after three days Jesus rose again from the dead and ascended into heaven.” Although there is no empirical record of such a journey, much of the world believes this because it gives them comfort.

This process certainly goes back to the slogan “Adolf Hitler was trying to take over the world” as justification for killing so many people in World War II. You hear the maturation of this long lasting lie every night on the evening news when anchormen solemnly intone the ritual remembrance of “six million dead” and we bow our heads in prayer to the rich Jews who control both our media and our minds.

In the U.S.-imprisoned nation of Germany however, the legal precedent has already been established which is now sweeping the rest of the capitalist world. The truth is no defense. You shall obey what the law demands, or otherwise be put in jail.

This is happening today in America, and in many other countries around the world as well.

If you just believe the lie, everything is going to be OK, they tell you.

As a thoroughly befuddled population, we’ve just come through a slew of these propaganda masterpieces and their subsequent clumsy coverups, foremost of which was the world-wracking COVID scamdemic, whose grisly harvest now numbers 15 million dead and 2 billion injured.

None of these fatalities were caused by the phantom disease itself, but all were from the cynical cure civilization was ordered to take in order to destroy itself.

You remember the formula for this gut-wrenching reality: a test that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist, cheap cures that really work banned in favor of expensive cures that don’t and instead kill the patients we were trying to save at a grossly inflated price. In the soiled sphere of public health, this is where our artificial reality has taken us.


And what about all those fires caused by global warming? Funny how they seem to affect food processing plants at exactly the same time the billionaires are urging us to eat bugs to save the planet, and selected towns go up in flames of fires that torch the houses and cars but not the surrounding shrubbery.

What DID happen to those missing 2,000 children in Maui and why is no one talking about it? Have they all been shipped to Ukraine to be sold with all the other white slaves for use in the body parts industry, which they say is now the most lucrative market in the world.

School shootings and public bombings, never satisfactorily explained.

Border busting, in the U.S. it’s OK but in Gaza it’s prohibited.

The so-called civilized world has supported extermination of the Palestinian people for 70-odd years so what’s the matter with killing a few more, even though Israel had to use its robot army Hamas and kill a bunch of their own citizens to convince the world it was OK to fry up the remaining Gazans.

The people are being grilled

for the billionaires lunch

Americans are a bunch of zombified low life users unable to ask the very questions that will keep them alive.

1. Who is funding these foreign invaders surging over the Southern border with $2200/mo debit cards, smart phones, free food and lodging and transportation to the destinations of their choice? What piece of legislation and what government and/or neogovernment agency is sabotaging America with this program? Where are all those government guns and hollow point bullets ordered for agencies like the IRS and the department of health, education and welfare actually stored and when will they be given to our untested and unvaccinated invaders?

2. Now that courts are handing out guilty pleas to those who challenged the legitimacy of the 2020 elections, where is the proof that they were NOT fixed when a doddering old dolt who never campaigned at all got 80 million votes with a middle of the night ballot-stuffing extravaganza now covered up by the very corrupt officials and billionaires who engineered the scam in he first place?

3. Where is the outrage at a former president being impeached for taking bribes from America’s enemy when his replacement actually did those same things, which are ignored and covered up by the rancid batch of law enforcement traitors paid by Israeli billionaires to destroy America?

And last but not least, whatever happened to those intrepid family doctors who used to traipse from house to house trying to keep the population healthy?

In Canada now, a country leading the world in oppressive measures aiming at depriving citizens of their freedom, the Quebec College of Physicians has reached a new low in human behavior, which is not an easy thing to do given the tens of thousands of doctors who murdered their patients for money in the recent fake COVID epidemic.

Quebec’s doctors want to expand Canada’s popular assisted suicide program to include babies!

I’m sure you all know a lot of babies who want to be euthanized.

And this is how Canada leads the world in organ donations from euthanasia!

This is what the future holds for the human species, and it has arrived just now to guide the population of the world dominated by swindlers and their zombie gophers toward its final moments.

This is merely what happens when lies become the truth . . .

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By John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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