Pedophile Protection League in D.C.! How Many Laws Are Passed in D.C. to Protect Children? by Politicians?

Laws Pushed by Parents of Raped/Murdered Children:

Pam Lynchner Sexual Offender Tracking & ID Act of 1996 (Promoter of this Act Died in Flight 800 Crash).

     was passed in Florida but not as Federal Law.  Law requires Attorney General to establish a national data base at FBI to track convicted sex offenders under Title 42 of U.S. Code ~14072;  NCIC enables NSOR (National Sex Offender Registry) to retain offenders current address, dates of registration, conviction & residence.  (Tier 3-Lifetime Notification)  Promoter of this Act died in Flight 800 Crash.

Child Predator Acto of 2005 (Dead on Arrival in Congress.)

Adam Walsh Child Protections & Safety Act signed into law gives teeth to above laws-signed July 20, 2006 after loads of publicity (John Walsh was a former executive who KNOWS how to get things done!)

Jessica Lunsford Act (Dead on Arrival in Congress).  Florida State law after 9-1-05;  sexual predators carrying 30 year label;  court ordered:  electronic monitoring when victim is less than 12 years old & Offender given nimimum 25 years imprisonment.  This law only applies to date it was signed and into the future-NOT RETROACTIVE (but should be).  Pedophile protection league prevented it from passing as federal law.

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