Note: U.S. Masterminds Behind Kiev, Ukraine Coup!

International Court Of Justice Rules Against Western Coup Seated Kiev, Ukraine

by Volubrjotr

On Wednesday, the UN’s top court based in The Hague declined Ukraine’s request to introduce provisional measures against Russia and disregarded its claims of “aggression” in Crimea. Commenting on the decision, political analyst Vyacheslav Smirnov explained to Sputnik why Kiev can’t stop itself from blaming and demonizing Russia. Russia: U.S. Masterminds Behind Kiev, Ukraine Coup! Moscow […]

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My Comment:  Victoria Nuland (Zionist) and Her PNAC WARMONGERS (ALL ZIONISTS) were behind the overthrow of Ukraine’s legitimately elected government using $5 billion of U.S. Tax Dollars!  This only benefitted the greedy Zionists who have now planted their criminal corporation Monsanto in Ukraine and are stealing minerals and resources.

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