CNN Exposed Staging Capitol Riots-TIME FOR FAKE MEDIA (CNN) to GO!

It’s happening… Declassification begins, CNN exposed staging capitol riots

Major bombshells are dropping today and over the next few days. I will be posting a new Situation Update both Saturday and Sunday, so stay tuned for that.Right now, Trump is releasing a “foot-high” stack of documents under declassification, exposing the entire Obama / FMI / Comey cabal of criminals and crooks involved in the FISA warrant / Russiagate scandal. This will also implicate Chief Justice Roberts, who signed all the illegal FISA warrants.Also, we have major bombshells today about the collapsing narrative surrounding the capitol siege on January 6th. We now know CNN was complicit and helped stage the events, just like they did with previous events in US history.The FBI is trolling for scapegoats to take part in their planned false flag theatrical events coming up in the next few days, and the US Coast Guard is searching shipping vessels for Chinese weapons off the coast of California.See the full details in today’s Situation Update article and podcast here.
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