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Israel’s TWO 9/11’s: How Zionism/CIA Conquered JFK, America, & Palestine

JFK was the Greatest President we ever Had.  He Was from a Cabal Family BUT:  He Printed Our Own Money.                            ...

Over 75% of Jews in Europe hide Their Identity

Over 75 Percent of Jews in Europe Hide Their Identity The EU is run by Jews and controlled by America’s Jewish CIA.  All of Europe is living in a hell hole because of their...

Africa Working With Putin as He does Not Force Gay Anal Sex and Poverty on Them

EU’s Top Diplomat Surprised at African Support for Putin American/British Colonialism has totally degraded Africa and the Southern Hemisphere, stripped populations of their dignity and impoverished all.  Everyone is really fed up.

ANTARCTICA’S Secret Space UFO Program is FULL of Military Contractors: Raytheon, Lockheed-Martin,etc.

Parrhesia, Dog Kings & Capstone Funded Genocide-Sofia Smallstorm (Fascinating Interview)

PARRHESIA, DOG KINGS & CAPSTONE FUNDED GENOCIDE — SOFIA SMALLSTORM Agenda 2030 Big Brother Corruption Deep State Eugenics/Vaccines/Depopulation Fascism Hidden History News NWO Police State Politics SGT Interview SGT Report Original Content Treason Tyranny...