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Heart cells Have to Work 47% HARDER Leading to Dying Suddenly or Heart Failure

Secret Societies Have LONG PLANNED THIS Invasion and Chinese Politicians Are Directed by the Jewish Such as Kissinger and Work With Biden Comment:  America’s Secret Societies work with the Satanic British Empire and indeed are a part of this Satanic Cabal.  They HATE Us All and Especially Want All Americans DEAD!

Another Political Prostitute Paying Homage to the Evil, Vicious Crime Syndicate

Ted Cruz Whines About Anti-Israel Protesters at His House

The State of America….Another Great Interview of Jeff Rense With Dean Henderson (Secret Society Parasites) The End Of A Most Terrible Year …And The State Of America

Very Good Interview on Current Events, Culture, Taylor Swift PsyOp, Tavistock & Turning Men & Women Against Each Other and Mass Mind Control Comment:  Interviewer Rense and Interviewee Anderson are Very Well Informed.

John Kaminski Has Died. A Tribute to the Greatest Internet Writer I Have Ever Known.

HOME ABOUT CONTACT STORE A tale of two lies The Holocaust and 9/11 23/6/2008 This essay is dedicated to the many wonderful Jewish people I have known and loved, most of whom were nicer people than me....

Israeli Defense Forces Dropping Explosive Candy Bars For Starving Palestinian Kids…Worst Psychopaths Ever! Developed by the CIA! CIA Routinely tortures and murders people.  CIA MKULTRA Sings About the Hellish Life He Has Had.