Our Media is Run by the CIA & THEY ARE THE Force Majeure of Child Trafficking So Of Course They Are Outraged Their Gig is Being Cut Into With Child Sex Dolls


Kentucky lawmaker sparks outrage for suggesting child sex dolls could decrease attacks on children

Comment:  Given Our Media is run by the CIA and THEY ARE THE #1 CHILD TRAFFICKERS in the world no wonder their puppets feign their outrage.  Is the CIA afraid they can’t dope up and compromise the politicians and A list actors anymore?  With child sex dolls being given to our politicians the CIA will totally lose control of many of them.  Roy Cohn, Trump’s mentor, ran the CIA Mind Controlled Child Sex Slaves for the CIA to compromise politicians and thereby Give the British Control over the United States.  The CIA “Programmers” of these mind controlled slaves rape & torture them.  There are mass graves of murdered children all over the United States and Canada.  I know the locations of many of them and some are documented in books.

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